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Sustainability Policy

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The policy and related practices are managed by the Global ESG Committee. This policy was last updated in February 2024.


This policy applies to all Clarion Events entities and their associated activities around the globe. We expect all colleagues and stakeholders to support our sustainability policy and commitments, and to take active steps to help Clarion Events meet its targets. This policy is an overarching policy from which further sustainability related policies and guidance fall, such as the Code of Conduct, Data Protection, Anti Bribery and Corruption, Procurement, and Travel policies. These, and other sustainability related policies can be found in Appendix A.


As a global events business, we recognise that our industry has environmental and social impacts, thus it is our ambition to connect people through events more sustainably. This means focusing on reducing adverse effects while striving to make positive contributions whenever possible. Achieving this ambition requires the active participation of all Clarion employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

We have set an ambitious target of reducing emissions by 50% by 2030, and reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2045. To ensure we achieve this, we are continuously looking for opportunities to reduce our carbon emissions and improve our overall environmental performance both within our organisation, and in the events we deliver. We are increasing environmental awareness across our organisation with this policy and have begun embedding decarbonisation practices in our everyday business.

Social sustainability is integral to our identity as a responsible employer and event organiser. In creating this policy, we have set out to ensure that we are accountable to our stakeholders, and that we take responsibility for the role we play in their lives from all areas such as legal compliance, business ethics and human rights, data privacy and cyber security, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


The Global ESG Committee, ESG Manager, and Regional Sustainability Topic Leads are responsible for the application and management of this policy. Employees are responsible for ensuring that they are familiar with the policy and communicating this with our stakeholders where possible and appropriate.


The objective of this policy is to support our sustainability strategy to drive meaningful action across Clarion’s four sustainability pillars:

Reduce environmental impact Develop positive change across the value chain Enable and advance sustainable business Empower and engage people



To reduce our environmental impact, we aim to:

  • Focus on embedding sustainability and carbon reduction into our business operations and events
  • Collaborate with exhibitors to support their own sustainability objectives, as well as industry-wide commitments
  • Engage with suppliers on transitioning to sustainable production and materials such as reusable stands, as well as shifting to renewable energy sources where appropriate.
  • Provide guidance for show teams and exhibitors on limiting the use of consumables, reducing the amount of waste, selecting sustainable food choices, and promoting the use of sustainable materials.
  • Avoid waste at our events by supporting the efficient use of commodities as well as the utilisation of reusable materials.


To maximise the positive change across our value chain, in the communities in which we operate, and add value to wider society, we aim to:

  • Build sustainable requirements into contracting and RFPs.
  • Engage with suppliers on reporting accurate data to allow Clarion to target improvements in relevant areas of the supply chain.
  • Ensure our key suppliers comply with relevant local, national and international laws.
  • Collaborate with our clients and suppliers to advocate, encourage, and cultivate sustainable practices and operational approaches across the lifecycle of our events.
  • Utilise charitable giving, such as the Clarion Cares programme, to give back to community groups.
  • Add value to the communities where we operate by creating local employment opportunities and sourcing local suppliers whenever feasible


To enable and advance sustainable business, we aim to:

  • Provide visitors with access to hotels with credible sustainability strategies and promote the use of sustainable transport.
  • Build a strong safety culture with an effective safety management system, continuous monitoring of performance, and effective communications around health and safety information and performance.
  • Provide instruction, training, and supervision to maintain competence levels across staff and contractors.
  • Manage customer and employee data in-line with our Data Protection Policy
  • Raise more awareness on cybersecurity by increasing internal communication and providing more training to employees on a regular basis.


To provide a workplace that empowers and engages people, we aim to:

  • Lead with our people at the heart of what we do, fostering a culture where all individuals feel that they truly belong and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Provide a positive experience for our workforce to maximise satisfaction and retention.
  • Refine employee feedback communication and appraisal channels, such as use of the Sustainability SharePoint.
  • Champion diversity, equity, and inclusion globally.
  • Create a network of Sustainability and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champions across the Group.


Appendix A - Other Relevant Policies

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