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Clarion Sustainability

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What we believe

Our business is driven by shared beliefs and our core values of Passion, Care, Imagination and Trust which ensure the commitment of all those involved to everything we do.  We recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.  They include employees, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment.   We aim to establish a rewarding working environment for our employees and an awareness of the wider community.

Our core activity is the staging of exhibitions and conferences and we are heavily aware of the negative impact this industry can have on the environment.  We are therefore committed to working closely with our chosen venues and contractors, as well as our exhibitors, to minimise the impact of our events wherever possible.

Sustainability Policy

Our aim is to incorporate social and environment considerations as part of our broader business objectives.  As a global events business, we recognise that our industry has environmental and social impacts, thus it is our ambition to connect people through events more sustainably. This means focusing on reducing adverse effects while striving to make positive contributions whenever possible. Achieving this ambition requires the active participation of all Clarion employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

We will publish our Group-wide Sustainability Policy in early 2024. The Global ESG Committee are responsible for the application and management of this policy. Employees are responsible for ensuring that they are familiar with the policy and communicating this with our stakeholders where possible and appropriate.

It will cover our commitments to the environment, communities, customers and people, and link to other pre-existing related policies, such as Code of Conduct, Travel, and Data Protection.

We are committed to the following People principles:

Our People

  • We believe in caring for our employees and are committed to delivering a competitive and fair employment environment with the opportunity to advance.
  • We are passionate about developing our culture of learning and achievement to give us the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and experience to achieve high performance and results and also to help build our careers and CVs.

We believe:

In diversity in job experience
  • Opportunities will always be there
  • Every person has potential
  • In supporting peoples’ desire to grow and develop
  • In achievement through learning
  • In committing to thinking and acting in ways that match our values

We consistently deliver success for the business and our people through a variety of interactive and engaging learning events for us all.

Our people are supported through:

A performance appraisal process and transparent recruitment and promotion practices
  • Promotion of healthy work practices. For example, providing the right chairs and equipment, and healthy incentives such as fruit baskets and pilates classes
  • Review of salaries to ensure that pay is comparable for the work achieved
  • Helping Our World (HOW) days

We consistently deliver success for the business and our people through a variety of interactive and engaging learning events for us all.

We consider teamwork both on a local and on a community level essential to the overall strength of our organisation. We want to positively contribute to the social and economic well being of those communities within which our business operates.

Serving the Community

We are committed to encouraging staff to contribute voluntary time to their community, in any way that serves a broad social responsibility or benefit.  This is enabled through the Clarion Helping Our World Scheme, where our staff have the opportunity to use one day every three months to apply their Clarion time to serve a community or charitable activity or social service.

Net Zero Carbon Events

Clarion Events is committed to long-term reduction and mitigation of our emissions. However, we recognise that we can’t reach net zero alone, which is why we have joined the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative. It has served as a platform to share progress and successes across the sector, highlighting the appetite within the industry to collaborate and ensure we all play our part in meeting our near-term and net zero targets.

As part of the initiative, we have signed the pledge to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030, and reach Net Zero by 2050 at the latest. Clarion have taken this ambition one step further and committed to Net Zero by 2045. Committing to a Net Zero ambition is just the first step in our journey. It marks a change in the way we align our operations with a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. Embracing this vision, we have published our first iteration of our Net Zero Pathway which proposes how we plan to achieve these targets, focusing on the following five pillars that will guide our efforts towards achieving net zero emissions:

  1. Reduce energy consumption at our offices and warehouses
  2. Build sustainability into our supply chain
  3. Build sustainability into events
  4. Create business travel efficiencies and invest in offsets
  5. Collaborate with industry peers on industry-wide carbon reduction initiatives