Simon Kimble, Chairman – EN Pioneer Award

The EN Pioneer award is given to inspiring entrepreneurs who have helped us get to where we are today. These individuals are innovative, risky and brave, trust their intuition, possess incredible foresight, exude self-belief and most of all, have a will to succeed.

Judges’ comments: “Simon is one of those rare people in the exhibition industry who has both an intimate knowledge of the day-to-day running of events and of managing a global company at the very highest level.  He has gone from running events to running a business to running an empire, and has proved naysayers wrong time and time again. Throughout his meteoric rise he has remained passionate, enthusiastic, focused and unfailingly generous. A true industry pioneer”.


Ben Smit, VIP Delegation Manager, Defence, UK – Best Newcomer Award

The Best Newcomer award is given to a team member who has shown incredible promise and quickly made themselves irreplaceable. This award recognises the importance of attracting new talent into our industry.

 Judges’ comments: “Across all the judges Ben scored most highly.  His attitude and willingness shone through along with his eagerness to take on more. Good levels of organisation which is essential in the high profile sectors he works across. Impressive growth in delegate numbers on all shows. He’s grown his department and been promoted during the process.  A great submission which gave a great sense of the person as well as the professional’’.

 Please join us in congratulating Simon and Ben on these great achievements!