At the recent Association of Event Organisers (AEO) Excellence Awards, Clarion Events was recognised as the most influential company over the past 25 years.


An AEO  spokesperson has said  “This is the AEO Excellence Award’s Silver Jubilee, so we thought we would celebrate those twenty-five years and ask, ‘Which has been the most influential company of the past quarter century?  It may not be the biggest, the most profitable, or the one which has won most awards but it will be a company whose influence set the tone of the period, impacting exhibitions and events far wider than its own domain, possibly changing the face of our industry.”


When AEO polled its members Clarion’s name came up consistently as an innovator and a company with a singularly entrepreneurial mind-set which has and continues to change the shape of the industry.


We are exceptionally proud to have won this award following our AEO “Most Respected Company” award in 2017. We believe that this recognises the immense hard work and commitment of all our talented employees world-wide and we look forward to continuing our growth by leveraging our entrepreneurial spirit, innovative attitude and ambition.