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Why Choose Clarion?

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Why Choose Clarion?

Who better to tell you how fulfilling a career with Clarion Events can be than a selection of team members from our offices across the world? We recently asked our teams all about life at Clarion, feedback we got included:

"Clarion, is like a big family. Especially my department ... I see us as cousins. We come together at least 3 times a year and it feels like Christmas."

Read on to find out why members of our global team chose a career in events, what motivates them to get up for work every morning; and what they love about working at Clarion. 

Enlit Team

Why do you think the world of events suits you so well?

  • When I first started working in events 14 years ago, I thought it would be a great opportunity to be social and work with people in a team. Coming from a rugby background, striving towards a team goal over the course of a sporting season is very similar to working in events cycles. Every event season has a new challenge and we set ambitious goals at the start of the season. Today I have the pleasure of developing a highly talented team that support each other like a family on and off the pitch!
    Mike Adeniya
    Portfolio Director, Phacilitate (Based in United Kingdom)

What would you say to anyone considering a career in the world of events?

  • You should have a nimble approach to working with clients and new product offerings as industries across the board are evolving. Customer-centricity should be at the core of your decisionmaking while demonstrating empathy and engaging regularly with your team and clients. More importantly is being able to remain driven in order to effectively produce in both inclusive and autonomous situations.
    Ashley Theron-Ord
    Senior Content Producer (Based in South Africa)

How would you describe the work culture at Clarion?

  • At Clarion, you are surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the global events industry. Our business models, our operating technologies and our people have combined to create a culture designed to deliver market-leading events that you’re proud to be part of. Our entrepreneurial way of thinking encourages maximum involvement that harnesses new ideas and processes. Finally, the attributes and values embedded within the people we recruit allows us to engage, socialise and enjoy being at work.
    Tuhin Quddus
    Head of Sales, Clarion Energy (Based in United Kingdom)
  • Unlike most companies of Clarion’s size, you’re still entitled to a personality which I believe is a necessity to cultivate innovation. It can be demanding, but it’s often fun. I’ve met some of my best friends here.
    Tom Fisher
    Group Marketing Operations Manager (Based in United Kingdom)
  • I like that it’s less ‘silo-ed’ than many other organisers of its size and project teams can work seamlessly. It’s much easier to direct the team to focus on what needs to be achieved. I also enjoy opportunities to come up with new ideas and experiment: I guess because Clarion has the financial bandwidth to innovate and not be scared to fail. Finally, I like that Clarion invests in good, experienced people that motivates me to also keep excelling.
    Pinky Fadullon
    Event Director, Hospital Management (Based in Singapore)

Why do you love your job?

  • I love my job for many reasons but mostly for the variety and the people. Every day is different for me and what I like most about a company like Clarion is that we own the event. We literally manage everything including sales, marketing, customer success and operations; which means we do everything from concept to execution. I am constantly striving to deliver more and there really is never a dull moment. I feel inspired by the team I have around me and enjoy going to work every day. Not many people can say that!
    Alana Jones
    Head of Operations, Digital Marketing (Based in United States)
  • In four years, I can’t say many days have been the same. I’ve also seen a fair chunk of the world: Austria, France, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates & United States! If you visit our overseas offices you’re always sure of a warm welcome!
    Tom Fisher
    Group Marketing Operations Manager (Based in United Kingdom)

What opportunities have you had for career progression at Clarion?

  • I started Clarion six and a half years ago as a delegate sales temp and I am now an event director. During my time at Clarion I have had five promotions and have been given the opportunity to build the Phacilitate brand and develop a skillset in people management, commercial management and event management. I am always learning and finding new ways to challenge myself. Clarion has ample opportunities for progression and a strong mix of expertise across the business so you can progress yourself professionally and personally
    Kim Barnes
    Event Director, Phacilitate (Based in United Kingdom)
  • When I first joined Clarion in 2014, I was an intern seeking an opportunity in marketing. A year later, I was converted to a full-time marketing executive and took the ownership of managing a power & energy event. It was an exciting opportunity for me to take charge of marketing for my own event. Two years later, I was then promoted to marketing manager with new challenges and career and personal development opportunities. I guess the key driver to success in my career is my passion for events.
    Senior Marketing Manager, Clarion Energy (Based in Singapore)

What have been the key drivers of your career progression at Clarion?

  • The key drivers have been my mentors within the company in combination with my personal ambition. My mentors have been pivotal to my personal growth which is reflected in the progression from a business perspective. Again, it is all about the people. Leaders who spot, nurture and grow potential future leaders, paying it forward to reach our overall goals and objectives
    Sietske Jacobs
    Director, Initiate! (Based in The Netherlands)
  • I have been working at Clarion for the past five years and I have received three promotions – sales executive to show manager in this time period. The key drivers have been passion, hard work and results.
    Russell Rule
    Show Manager, Enthusiast (Based in United Kingdom)