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EnergyNet has been producing investment forums and executive dialogues for the power sectors within emerging markets for the last 25 years. We work with a host of different governments and national utilities across Africa & Latin America to facilitate investment summits where international investors can build relationships with credible public sector stakeholders to advance access to power.

Projects & Initiatives

Over the last few years EnergyNet has developed a number of projects which highlight the importance of energy in emerging markets and serve as a reminder of the human impact of access to energy. These projects include the EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative (ESEI), designed to promote human capital development and job creation across the power and energy infrastructure sectors, and the Arts Energy Partnership showcases the relationship between energy access and creative potential in emerging markets, and the Off the Grid Club – a membership programme utilising our relationships and network to fast track deals between credible off grid technology providers, micro finance institutions and community leaders across the world in areas desperate for access to energy. This programme enables members to get their product to market much quicker and with credible partners.

Our team spend over 220 days a year travelling to meet stakeholders across emerging markets, so relationships and investor insights are both our business and our passion.

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